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Stephanie Holznecht

I am originally from the Southeast coast of England, immigrating with my family to the United States at the age of nineteen. Upon arrival I attended UW-Whitewater and obtained a BA in graphic design and fine art. For over 10 years I worked in the design industry as a graphic designer and art director. During that time I maintained my connection to the fine art world by concentrating on realism in pen and ink, and acrylic painting.


My current artistic style has changed dramatically from earlier years, moving from realism into abstract art. My abstract movement was prompted by curiosity, and consequently taking some workshops I attended and continue to attend at the Peninsula Art School, Fish Creek, Door County, Wisconsin. There I was inspired to let go of my minutely detailed realistic artwork and free myself up to feel art in a totally different manner. This has been very exhilarating for me, as I gradually moved into a more free-flowing abstract artist.


Although I would call my abstract artwork eclectic in nature, as I am forever pushing the bar and trying different mediums, and alternative techniques, my original abstract style has been using a type of paint called fluid acrylic. I find fluid acrylic to be a rather challenging medium. I am guaranteed a different result with each painting I create. This is an exciting process that requires a level of skill that I continue to improve upon, as I control the outcome of each piece I produce.


I have been increasingly spending my time using heavy body acrylic mixed with other mediums; including a combination of fluid acrylic, tempera and latex paint. This style is totally different to my fluid acrylic work in the manner in which the paint is applied to the canvas. When I paint in this style I use much bigger canvases, and employ the white of the canvas as part of the finished piece. In doing so I liberate myself from my smaller fluid acrylic complexities, and create a lighter, more relaxed style of painting.


I work on three to four paintings simultaneously, both in fluid acrylic and mixed media. Doing this allows for some crossover between the two styles, and makes for a very creative work atmosphere. It forces me to push the bar and create ever more involved paintings. Enduring reminders that these two styles are exclusively mine.


There is a never-ending supply of ideas and inspirations to be found from my emotions and perceptions of the world around me. Some days I have to look harder than others, but they are always there. My artwork is a window into my soul and my goal is to always evoke some emotion from the viewer. Good or bad, there should always be something there for others to be able to read and draw their own conclusions.


Always leave the observer with something in which to be enthralled.


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2010 - present

2010 - present

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